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This article was originally published for Green Magazine.

Just outside of Canberra, in the sleepy country town of Bungendore, a residential home is quietly leading the way in fundamentally transforming how energy is produced and shared amongst homes and businesses, and how we talk about the clean energy economy.

There is a global clean […]

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The following analysis provides a visualisation of the location of power stations across Australia, along with a representation of the output and the amount of emissions that these power stations create.

The data used here is for the 2012-13 year, the most recent year for which emissions data is available for.

The vast majority of […]

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The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released an update to its monitoring of the rates of violent crime occurring within Australia. The data covers the full calendar year of 2013. Given the minimal media coverage this has received, it might be time to try and present this data in a new, much more impactful […]

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There were fears that ACIL Allen would act as the chief assassin of the Renewable Energy Target. Modelling commissioned from the consultancy will be used to inform the outcomes of the RET Review, currently underway, and could be used as justification for a watering down, or even an outright repeal, of support for the renewables […]

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This post appeared originally in Climate Spectator.

Anticipated changes to the Renewable Energy Target could remove critical safety protections designed to safeguard consumers seeking to reduce their emissions by installing rooftop solar panels on their home.

Both the federal government and the renewables industry are anxiously awaiting […]

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Federal Attorney-General George Brandis is correct to say that unorthodox views have a right to be presented by whoever desires to present them. However, Mr Brandis must in turn agree the views of dissenters must be assessed on the basis of their credentials and not the power of the voice used to convey them.

Freedom […]

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This article was originally published by ClimateSpectator here.

Last Tuesday, the Department of Environment very quietly released the latest update of Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory, providing new emissions data through to the end of December 2013.

With updates of the greenhouse gas inventory […]

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After everything was said and done (well, before the Western Australian result was annulled), the 2013 Federal Election saw no single party hold the balance of power in the Senate.

The loss of six senators from the Australian Labor Party was to see the end of the ALP-Greens alliance wielding control of the Senate at […]

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